Tokyo, Japan

My travels through Tokyo were focused on researching restaurant and shopping recommendation systems.

Shanghai, China

Over the last few years, Shanghai has been my professional home-away-from-home. Highlights include innovation projects for dairy products, fast-casual restaurant concepts, and bottled water.

Paris, France

Inspiration trips to Paris never disappoint. From street food to open markets to fine dining, Paris has always been (and will always be) an epicenter for all things culinary.


For a Westerner like me, Yunnan was an unknown part of China. Twenty-five of China's forty ethnic minority inhabit the province making for some of the most unexpected and diverse food, culture and scenery.

Basque Country, Spain

Bordering France to the north and Spain to the South, Basque Country is arguable the best food region in Europe (if not the world). Incredible seafood and intensely seasonal vegetables accentual a cooking culture that dates back over 1000 years.

Bali + Java, Indonesia

The spicy, sweet and acidic food of Indonesia complements the vibrant and lush landscape. 

Hong Kong, China

Like New York and Shanghai, Hong Kong is an metropolitan mecca filled with the best of everything. High quality food, cocktails, and fashion are bursting from the dense urban seems of this incredible city.

Seoul, South Korea

A giant city of urbanites who know how to have a good time at all hours of the day and night. Some of my favorite food and drink in Asian can be found in this unforgettable (and immensely friendly) city.

San Jose, Costa Rica

The streets of San Jose—an intersection of urban sprawl and overgrown jungle. The city's surrounded by volcanos, polished by the warm rain, constricted by the illogical traffic patterns, and often shrouded by fog.

Pacific Northwest

Shots from in and around the Seattle area. I find myself constantly distracted by clouds shows, cityscapes, and bodies of sweet and salty water.